Stimulus Suggestion: flame retardent jacket!


I know this may be a literal interpretation, but sometimes they are the best interpretations, are they not? Flame wars are inevitable, no matter what site you go to, someone is going to disagree with you and most probably going to call you a racist, or use a racial slur against you! I don’t go to Youtube anymore to watch the videos, I solely go to read the comments. Of late, Chris Brown videos have been my favourite! Anyways, I recommend that you spend your $900 on a flame retardant jacket just incase you end up in a flame war on blow my 900, or if you decide to make your own flame-thrower, either or.
flame retardant


  1. Got my $900 today, so you can cross 4184 off your list, going shopping!

  2. It also doubles as federal prison wear! Or maybe the other way around….

    I’m sure federal prisons catch fire a LOT!

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