Stimulus Suggestion- Gaming jacket to increase your 1337 h4xX0rzz!

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I don’t know about you, but I’m particularly anti-social. Well it’s not so much that I hate society but that society hates me. I’m so lonely. Anyways, I have overcome this crippling agoraphobia through online gaming!! There is no better to escape the real world then by creating your own personal world where you are totally awesome, everyone loves you and no-one pities you for not having a lover or any kind of success! So in order to enhance this situation I recommend purchasing a First Person Shooter Gaming Vest!!! You may not be able to experience real emotions and interactions with people in the actual world but this jacket will help feel the impact of what it might feel like if someone was to shoot you! What is more awesome than that? Life-long companionship? A successful career? I think NOT!! These jackets are only $138 US+P&H, so I’m guessing you could probably secure one for like $350! Bargain! A small price to pay, I think you’ll agree!

One Comment

  1. haha, glad to see this suggestion made it. =)
    so very tempted to buy one and hook it up to a call centre worker. that way when they phone during dinner time we can press a button and they can get thumped on the back. =P

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