Stimulus Suggestion: Let’s buy the K Rudd’s house!!


I had an exciting email the other day from a gentleman who had the incredible idea to purchase “The Lodge” (the PM’s house, not this movie) and “Kirribilli House”. He went on to say,

“So much of my money would be used to maintain these nice homes every year. I will never get to live in or even use a sheet to eat on the carpet in any of these Houses under the current arrangement and that disturbs me.”

He proposes an interesing idea, we should all pitch in and buy these houses, that way whenever we are in Sydney/Canberra we have somewhere to stay! Also, it will feel as though we really do own a part of this country!!Power to the people! Also, we can charge Rudd for rent!! It’s this simple- if we put in 20 cents each we could spend $1.6 million dollars on buying his house/s!


  1. Hi I got mine yesterday . Postcode 2530

  2. Man I cant believe that suggestion didnt get anymore hell yeahs! Or even follow on the comined cash to correct problems in local communities..? God knows the government cant seem to muster the strength to do it..

  3. ahah omg it says my postcode was reported to get the money!! lies i still have no money =(

  4. Sounds like a brilliant idea!
    Maybe while we are at (with everyones money like the government does) we can pull it down mindlessly and put up a shopping center owned by overseas business entrepreneurs and destroy something nice to get a 5c profit for everyone!

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