Stimulus Suggestion- Rope-less Skipping rope

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I don’t know about you, but the main reason that I don’t do a whole lot more skipping, is because of that pesky rope! (*loud voice*) Well do I have the product for you…..Introducing the Jump Snap!!(/end loud voice) To be honest with you, when my lame co-worker showed me this, I thought it was fake.  It is a skipping rope, that doesn’t have a rope,that’s it. Also, from what I can gather, it apparently has a “computer” that tells you how you are doing, how many skips you’ve done and how many calories you’ve burned. They are like$40US, but I’m sure “Moira” will be selling them soon, so hold onto your money til then!! Also— Stimuluation Season DAY 2..Still no money!!

One Comment

  1. my daughter is 16 and she is a fulltime student and works part time and put a tax return in 2007/08 paid tax and got it all back is she entitled to any of that $1850 at all

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