Stimulus Suggestion- Slinky Races!

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I had a lovely gentleman suggest that he would spend his money on creating some kind of underground slinky racing championship. The premise would be that you would either arrange the slinkies yourself or have actual racing teams prepare the slinkies and then race them down a large flight of stairs. You could then take bets on who would win, and I ‘m guessing…reap the millions of dollars of profit! I think it’s an amazing idea, it would just be a matter of finding a huge staircase and some slinkies! I’m thinking about it myself.If it’s as successful as I assume it is going to be, I would push for Olympic inclusion for 2016!! Jim Carrey would HAVE to be the spokesperson for it!!

Slinky Racing Championships

Slinky Racing Championships

One Comment

  1. Found this interesting article which might disappoint some apprentices and other people mentioned in the article who are expecting their $900:

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