Stimulus Suggestion- Straws!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Why straws?! Cause straws are awesome, silly! Sometimes I wish there was a foldable straw that I could stick in my pocket and carry around. I would probably name her Sassie. Sassie the Straw. I once met a girl called Sassie, it was one of the greatest things ever. Anways, today I propose that we create the world’s most amazing straw by spending $900 on these amazing straws!I would love to take $900 worth to the cricket or footy to see how far around it would go! Imagine drinking a guys beer like 50m away and him not even knowing!! Brilliant!!
Stimulus Straws!

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  1. I tried one night to make a really big straw (by joining a lot of them together), it worked! Well it looked good, suction was not very good though, and I had to stand on a barstool to get the height to reach a drink without kinks!

    It was then, the stool slipped out from underneath me, and I smashed my head on the floor of the bar (giving me concussion). Two minutes later I threw up litres of pink daiquiri.

    It was not fun, but it’s a fun story to tell :)

    I think next time I attempt this feat, it will be with straws from McDonalds (McStraws?) in the confines of my own home, and I’ll be drinking water.

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