Students may end up with $1850!!


Breaking news….

Due to the “urgent” nature of the stimulus package, no-one bothered to double check to see if it was fair/would work. According to “UP to 340,000 students across Australia are set to pocket a $1850 double bonus from the Federal Government because of a loophole in the national stimulus package.”

Yikes! So yeah it seems as though students that work and entitled to both the payment for students and the payment for workers. I’m not 100% sure on whether this is all true, but if says it’s true…it must be! lulz0rz.


  1. where can i get official information on this?

    Does it include uni students?

  2. Not sure as of yet, the article was all I found…

  3. ive been looking.. it looks like its true..

    but you have to be a student on youth allowance. which is crap.!

    im a student, but i work close to full time. So i dont get any payments. I am registered for youth allownace, I was doing that reporting stuff but stopped.

    Dont think im elegible.. garh!!

  4. Finally I get an answer to this question. I may now end up getting double stimulation XD.

    Although in all fairness if I only get the $950 I will settle for that and if I get the other $900 its a bonus.

  5. Nick, I think you are eligible as long as you submitted your Tax return last year, and earnt less than $80000. But you are not eligible for the student payment

  6. Actually there is another point you have missed Rob. You need have had a tax liability which means that you pay tax and dont get all of it back. My friend got kind of wowsered on that one.

  7. It’s so hard to find more info on this!

    I got my first job september last year.. so I didn’t do a tax return. I’m not on youth allowance or anything like that, but i’m a full time year 12 student. Do I miss out all together?


  8. It’s one of those things…I guess you’ll only really find out if you check your bank and find $1850 extra!

  9. im a fulltime student at university, i woked hard last year to become independent so that i could get youth allowance. that meant that i paid a bit of tax and didnt get it all refunded. ive already recieved my training and learning bonus through centrelink (jb hifi got all $950, love my new tv) and i am, from all the eligibility rules eligible for the working bonus.

    its just a loophole they didnt think about. to all you people who say students who work dont deserve it, try living like us. and if you did live like us when you were at university you would understand how for once, with this money we get to spoil ourselves, it doesnt happen often.

  10. Students get 1850 if they are on youth allowance ($950) and also worked enough in the previous year to pay tax (ie. over $11 000) they get the $900.

    Its not a loophole, it is the intention of the government:


    3.24 In evidence, concerns were raised about the possibility of ‘double dipping’, that is, an individual could receive a payment through more than one program. FaHCSIA commented that payments under the back to school bonus, the single income family bonus and the tax bonuses ‘is by each one individually’.[3] For example, if a student worked part-time, they could potentially receive two payments, one through the training and education bonus and one through the tax bonus. Ms Robyn Shannon, FaHCSIA, commented that this was the intention if the person met the eligibility requirements:

    If they pay tax in the relevant tax year, they would receive the taxpayer bonus as well as the training and learning bonus if they are also receiving some qualifying student income support payment.[4] “

  11. Oh and im one of those lucky students 😉
    ive already blown my 950, am broke, and desperately awaiting the next 900

  12. I’m a yr 12 student and I’ve already recieved the 950 last month for being a student on youth allowance, and hopefully get the tax one soon also. as students i believe we do deserve it, i pay for all my school stuff, even though i dont have a job atm, and thats only on less than 200 bucks a fornight, i still seen to manage going out aswell. Last yr i worked almost 30 hrs aweek while also going to school five days aweek (i dont reccomend it), So my grades went down dramatically. School never stops its a 24/7 thing, so students definitely desrve that litlle bit extra :)

  13. michael, i hear that! i really shouldnt of blown my $950 but hey, i just wanted to help the economy in any way i could 😉

    now i have $40 to my name and want this damn $900 haha

  14. shut up *******.

  15. Hi, to be honest, why should student get it twice……………. I am a full time work and a student, i pay my own way through uni. I will not be getting the payment twice and i dont mind i am just grateful i am getting anything at all. Loop hole…. there always is but the gov should fix the problem. If student are getting it twice I think the gov should put one of the payment towards there HECS DEBT………………… cause at the end of the day its the workers of today that are keepong this country going not the student that MAY oneday finish a degree. As for highschool students that are supporting them selves i think they need it. i know to many students taht boast about the double payments and there idea of helping the economy is a holiday overseas…………NICE!!!!!!!!!!

  16. you guys should not be gloating about getting it twice…
    im at uni, most of my friends and i don’t get it at all.

  17. i rekon the person who made this site is kevin rud. and he is messing with our heads :p

  18. Hey guys just wondering I filed my tax return last year and received a refund, it wasn’t all of it only like $320 after paying $10 000 in tax am I entitled to the stimulus package?

  19. if you earn over 10k a year you are and under 100k

  20. im a yr 12 student n i work part time, i dnt get youth allowance n i filed a tax return last yr…do i get it?

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