Stun gun/pepper spray dispenser.


As you may have seen, I attempted to April Fool people yesterday with varying degrees of effectiveness. Actually I did receive a phonecall from somebody at their wits end pleading for it not to be true, and an explanation to their husband as to where they are going to get the $900 to pay for 6 pairs of bikini jeans they had ordered! Anyways, I also arrived at work to find that someone had programmed my computer to play 3 Richard Marx songs on repeat, and they hid it as a duplicate system process so I couldnt find it, awesome. Anyways, next year I will be ready… I know this is a bit of a rehash on the mobilephone and knuckle duster tasers post from oh so long ago, but I thought it was fitting. This thing is amazing! You can either tase then pepper spray them, or pepper spray them and then tase them! So many options. I totally think that these things would be illegal in Australia, but I just thought I would share it.

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