April 30, 2009
by Kruddler!

Blow My 900 Fun Facts

So I set this site up as a bit of fun! To see what people would spend their money and whether or not I could use one those suggestions. Things have gotten a little crazy since then! It’s day 23 … Continue reading

April 16, 2009
by Kruddler!

Important postcode news!

I have decided to post all of the postcodes that I have received over the past week on this page and on the Receivers page. I am also claiming that I have managed to work out the algorithm for the … Continue reading

February 6, 2009
by Kruddler!

A new car!!!!!!!

What better way to spend your economic stimulus payment than to buy a brand new car! Nothing screams success more than an EA Falcon! Known for it’s prestige and all-around good looks, this car is a marvel of human-kind, and … Continue reading