Best Ideas!

I thought I would compose a list of my favourite suggestions thus far…

Flux Capacitor– Yes that’s right, why not spend your $900 stimulus package on the abaility to time travel? Kind of makes all these other suggestions seem trivial!

EA Falcon– What better way to spend your money…than to buy a new car!!!!!!! And what better car than an EA Falcon!!

15,000 Mentos + 685 litres ofย  Diet Coke equals AWESOMEZ!– Yeah, I think that about explains it all. It took me ages to draw the picture too!

Tests–ย  With all this extra stimulation, why not invest in pregnancy tests!!!

A Slurpee machine
– The very first post! Get a coupld of mates together and buy a slushy machine!!

Hire Fat Cat for a day – This was a follow up to the Humphrey Bear post and I thought it would be a great idea to hire Fat Cat, who as it turns out- is only popular in WA!!

Bikini Jeans
– This post caused quite a stir and I get a surprisingly high amount of google searches find my page from this particular search!

Glamour photography
– This is a genuine contender for my money! How easy would it be to start your own glamour photography business!!


  1. go buy $900 of jelly beans. make up a jelly bean guessing competition and double your money. now thats investing!!!

  2. Invest in prostitutes to overcome this frustration!

  3. the black market i say…..900 dollers of drugs will deff put a smile on your face

  4. Why dont we invest our $900 in condoms and safe ***.
    That way,the less “Accidents” that happen,there will be less people,and more money for the rest of us when the next stimulus package begins!

  5. No one should spend a cent of it. That way they will be forced to give us even more money to boost a now really stuffed economy. Or send it to me.

  6. I just want the “working lady” in a motel room :)

    Where’s my moeny

  7. Spend it on the renewing the registration on your car. That way you will be just giving the money strait back to them. And nothing will be stimulated and they will be forced to give us another hit of $900.

  8. I’m gunna stimulate my package with a $900.00 crackwhore for 2 or 3 weeks. (gunna get a high class one )

  9. Hookers and Hash.
    Hell you might even end up with 50c!!!
    Enough to call someone who cares

  10. Lets pool our $900 and remake Sydney’s Wonderland!

  11. Hey Kat, that’s actually a really great idea!

  12. Perhaps i may spend mine at JB? Hmmm

  13. Im gunna spend up and put a huge subwoofer in my car to impress all da chicks

  14. Tattoos and a holiday ๐Ÿ˜› thats my plan ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. I bought myself a TV for my bedroom in ‘advance’ of my $900 bonus. (Which I still haven’t received by the way…postcode 3103). Had visions of spending my winter snuggled under my duvet with a hot choc and a good movie on the box…
    Fat lot of good it was doing this as the stupid thing does not work!!!! Have had to send it back by road courier to NSW. I will now have to wait weeks for a replacement while I also continue to wait for my bonus. What a no win situation!
    Life really sux!

  16. im buying $900 of flu masks and detol hand santizer.- ima beat the swine flu.

  17. What the hell is “click for stimulus hack”, why Rick Astley and have many ppl clicked it?

  18. ahahahahahahhahahahaha! It’s a totally obscure reference to the 1995 Sandra Bullock movie “The Net”. She was able to hack all this stuff by clicking on a pi symbol in the bottom of like FBI ‘databases’. I just thought it would be funny, for those who had seen it. I don’t think you were born then though, so I can imagine you haven’t seen it.

    Also, the internetz=rickrolling!

  19. Haha good one… i’ve seen the net… i’ve been rummaging through jb hifi’s to find it on dvd… didn’t even think of it its been that long since i’ve seen it…

    but now i’m laughing.. good one!

  20. buy a new vibe, send a picture of it to Krudd with a thank you note “for my stimulus”

  21. 2250 has been stimulated!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. buying a tredmill, when i get the money
    im lay bying it now
    only $800.00 to pay
    get fit lose weight im doing my bit for the australia
    saving on doctors bills

  23. Im going to invest in the immunisation , medication and mask industry. mmmm ……utilising a pandemic scam….for my own gains

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