The stimulus package is lowered to $900 ?!?!

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So it turns out the Stimulus package has been amended to be $900 now and not $950. I wish someone would’ve told me that before I bought this flamin domain name!!!!! Oh well, I guess I should buy a new one or something. I could really use some help! I’m thinking, blowmy900, blowmystimulus, stimuluspackage2009 or kruddkash! So today you can blow your $900 (AUD) on 65 .com domains or more preferably 297 .info domains from the lovely people at! I love buying domains! It’s like heroin, but cheaper, legal and slightly less addictive.
Just so you know is available!

buying domain names with stimulus package= great idea!

buying domain names with stimulus package= great idea!

One Comment

  1. Tad Sexington does not approve… So he hasn’t given us the money we didn’t earn, but he’s taking 5.26% away. That’s like taking just under 10 puree’d happy meals out of my (probably) unborn baby’s mouth… THANKS KRUDD!

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