Thursday Afternoon Boredom! Wonderful internet links!


As an internet connoisseur, thought I would point out some sites that I have quite enjoyed over the past week/weeks. I’m sure that you’ve been to most of them but it’s always nice to revisit the good times!

Face Downs!– This site has photos of people face down and amazing landmarks. My personal favourite is when they go to the DMZ!!!

Men Who Look Like Old Lesbians- Did I waste an entire afternoon looking at this site? Probably.

Trololololololololololo– More addictive than crack. I would wake up in cold sweats at 3am with this piercing my brain!

Fail Booking– I am drawn to this site more and more. Basically I like to laugh at people’s stupidity!

Instant Rimshot– Yes it’s exactly what it “sounds like”

I hope you enjoy!!

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