Uh-Oh Spaghettio!! They want to stop the Stimulus?!


Some “guy” is taking the stimulation package to the High Court!! I don’t even understand what Bryan PapeĀ  is claiming?! He has problems with the way the bonus is being delivered by the government or something and is saying that it’s unconstitutional. I guess he must be in the upper tax bracket and doesn’t want ANYONE to get the $900 if he cant! If we don’t get it, I think I may need to invoice him for $900…

Source- Sydney Morning Herald
The gentleman who is responsibile- Bryan Pape


  1. Thanks for the link. It’s obvious that nobody likes him…
    I need stimulation! How dare he?!

  2. I have emailed him, to give him my opinion. I suggest everyone else do the same. How is it possibly unconstitutional? and why now and not with the previous stimulus payouts?

  3. Reading through the article all it seems like is one bloke trying to gain some publicity from the whole thing. Its pretty obvious through the fact that he has a ‘standing’ based on the point that he also recieves stimulation from the economy.

    In short he is an attention seeking guy who needs publicity OR he doesnt want stimulation.

  4. Possibly its because they are using ATO info for something other than TAX, kinda like how politicians can use your enrolement information to send you spam.

  5. Actually I have an interesting question/situation about the stimulation package. I am eligible for the Learning Bonus (I get Youth Allowance) but I also work part time and pay tax. This means I am able to recieve both the Tax one mentioned on this site ($900) and the learning bonus ($950). My question is, do I actually get both of these or not?

    My friend and I only realised that we are actually in this situation today and wanted some clarification. Also we wanted suggested to blow our money.

  6. No problem !
    In the unlikely event that the High Court stops the $900 payments … there is going to be millions of very pissed-off aussies waiting outside with cricket bats.
    Good luck Bryan – you will need it.

  7. i cant belive he is trying to take away the bonus he really needs to understand that we all need this money i agree i think hes just pissed that hes missed out on the money and now he just wants some attention

  8. So now we have a person who wants to spoil
    all the things people have planed to use their $900, if he gets his way and stops payment, what of the people who recieved the payment eg families, do they have to pay it back, i dont think this is going to go down well.

  9. Nah, people who get it such as Families would still get thier payments, as well as students, or anything associated with centrelink. Based on how I read it, its basically linked to those who recieve the lump sum based on personal income.

  10. So the workers get zip, but the welfarers get plasmas? That’s (no pun intended) rich.

  11. he dose not want to stop the payments just the way they are being payed. this is becouse he is a nob jocky. every one will still get this money one way or another. and if you are able to recieve boath payments then yoe you get boath.

    spend it on RTD’S lol the price is coming down soon

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