Weekend number 2- Where’s my money?!


So it’s nearly week 3 of the stimulation season, and I’m still totally unstimulated! Anyone else feeling it? Or more likely not feeling it. Honestly I feel as though as I deserve my money… I’m a hard working Aussie who thinks this is a pretty good country, hasn’t ever been a burden on the gov’t, does his tax on time and thinks Khe San should be our national anthem. I’ve created loads of awareness and place where people can discuss the stimulus package, so I think I should get the nod and receive some of  Kevin Rudd’s stimulation. I hate to see some “undeserving people” receive their money before me, and I think you know who I’m talking about…Twilight fans, people who don’t like lamingtons, and people who have never seen Star Wars. It makes me sick.

LOLRUS needs stimulation too!

LOLRUS needs stimulation too!


  1. Yo big K Rudd where’s my cash .. i been hanging out for ages waiting
    i gotta pay the mortgage and some bills.. im in deep.. there gonna
    take my car.. or even worse im gonna find myself sleeping with fishies..

  2. Not true Kate… doesnt matter how much tax you paid / got refunded as long as your tax file number registered a return for the ’07-’08 financial year you’ll get a stimulus payment. Hang in there, mine just came in yesterday so they’re still rolling them out. I’m in phoenix right now so will be spending my stimulus money in vegas! Sorry Aus economy!!

  3. think i might go and get some mcdonalds breakfast and stimuate the economy lol

  4. Where the F*!*! is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. If you havn’t gotten it you’ll need to ring ATO.

    I see they are sending the calls to the people who don’t give a stuff about doing their jobs and so don’t check stuff or probably stuff it up.

    To those saying it’s a gift or some other BS, I’ll buy you a car and the week after you can start paying me back with interest on top, ok. as that’s really all this is.

    Bunch of complete morons this Gov is, they spend 200 billion comes to budget time and now run around trying to work out how to pay 200 billion back because there’s a short fall for some reason.

    and by Next month this so called depression won’t exist anymore.

    Last centurys depression lasted for 10 20 years and there was 90% unemployment this disrupption is nothing like the depression at all don’t know how they could even compare it.

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