What did you spend your Stimulus on??


Seeing as everyone has their money… I thought it beĀ  great idea if people let me know/send me a picture of what they blew their money on. I bought a digital camera. I know I know, after all the talk of stimulus and mentos and flux capacitors…I buy a lame camera. Even thinking about it now make me sick to the stomach, or it could possibly be the endless supply of chocolate covered potato chips I bought with the remaining $653. So I give you what I purchased…a canon ixus 80 and the most ridiculous photos I could find of them. Also, real people from documentaries/newspapers have emailed me asking about interesting things people spent their money, so if you have one….or have made pho7o5h0p skillz, do the right thing.


  1. I just went mental on ebay, bought everything that interested me.

  2. Paid Telstras installation fee, so that the line is now mine and I am all Naked.. Bought a Play Station.
    Bought a cordless phone to go with my Voip
    Paid Visa
    Spent Visa on bad drugs and badder woman.

  3. Dan on Mon 22nd Jun 2009 2:02PM,

    You are a lovely young man, and you like to suck on your daddys *****

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