How/when do I get my $900?

Update: The Payments start on the 6th April and will take up to 6 weeks to be completed! ATO LINK

The stimulus payments are being sent out at the beginning of April. People who have already had their tax returns assessed will be the first to receive their payment. The fastest way to receive payment is directly into your bank account (ATO SOURCE).Apparently the first will arrive around the 6th of April! At first I thought that the payments would be sent out via cheque, but according to the ATO they will be sent out the same way that you received your tax return last year!

According to the ATO you are eligible if

  • you have lodged or will lodge your 2007-08 income tax return before 30 June 2009 or if you have been granted a deferred date by the Tax Office before Wednesday 18 February 2009 and you lodge your return by the deferred date
  • your 2007-08 taxable income does not exceed $100,000
  • your adjusted tax liability for 2007-08 is greater than nil, and
  • you are an Australian resident for tax purposes for the 2007-08 financial year.

ATO Source

How much will you get

  • $900 bonus will be paid if you have a taxable income up to and including $80,000
  • $600 bonus will be paid if you have a taxable income exceeding $80,000 but not exceeding $90,000
  • $250 bonus will be paid if you have a taxable income exceeding $90,000 but not exceeding $100,000

ATO Source

How is it distributed??
All cheque and EFT payments will be made using a post code selection process that is randomly generated, ensuring all post codes are evenly distributed to each state and territory each night (using the Australia Post predetermined percentage spread). For this reason and because of security concerns, we are not planning to publish a distribution schedule.

ATO Source



  1. Pissed off: I’m a full time uni student, who had a part time job over the past year…but just like you, since I didn’t make enough to pay tax, and since my parents are over the threshold, I don’t qualify for either the tax bonus nor the $950 teaching and learning bonus. Its not fair…people who already get something from the government are getting several goes at it, while people like you and I get bugger all. The money’s missing the people who need it the most…seriously, great work Labour.

    Despite me not paying tax over the past year, it still ***** me to tears to think that after I graduate from uni at the end of this year and move into full time work, my taxes will be paying for this. Thankfully, it seems the third stimulus package is going to be spent on infrastructure, rather than handouts…even if it is mostly only in the capital cities…at least its something that everyone can benefit from, unlike stupid handouts.

  2. worked 07 and 08 still working handed in tax form, not entitled to any money due to the way the taxation office work it out. Should just go on welfare, don’t bother to get out of bed, don’t pay tax and get a bloody hand out for doing nothing.

  3. i’m still waiting for $900 miracle… still wondering why i haven’t been stimulated yet?!

  4. My son owes me $700 and was going to pay me back when he got his $900..last year he sent in a tax return and earnt$7884.00..he was doing a traineeship and studies at Tafe..we just rang the Tax office hotline and checked out the internet news on late payments..I just found out if you earnt less than $11,500 YOU WON’T GET ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO IT IS ALL ******** !!!!

    ( maybe its time for a complete change of government )



    ( midnight oil )

  6. PS 8.7 million Australian workers earning $100,000 or less are eligible to receive $900 the rest get shafted

  7. Well i didnt recieve it so rang them on the 16th, as i moved house in March i changed my address with them before i moved but it still got sent to the old address, so they have changed it and said they will put it into my bank account in 14 days- if anyone else has done this has it taken the 14 days or less?

  8. hey wazza..look if you didn’t earn more than $11500…..and lodged a tax return,paid tax and got a refund….you will get nothing!!!!as I found out yesrerdaY!!

  9. Hey Pam you are so right , it is the refund that sets your tax back to zero !

    And they said anti discrimination and social inclusion is the labor party’s policy
    well we saw how that works with the stimulus package….excluded and discriminated ..

    while we are on the smoke screen subject its funny how the politicians also unfroze their wage freeze recently ,Rudd said their would be no increase in salaries for politicians when he was elected he kept his promise ( for just over a year )

    Rule #101 in politics never keep a party in power for more than 1 term…lol

  10. ******** is all i can say becasue i dont get any cash from the goverment dole or stimulas and yes i did work and paid tax then was fired was not aloud the dole because my partner earn,t to much so missed out on that payment and now im not aloud the $900 either oh and my partner cant get it either because she she recived all her tax back she paid, SO THX LABOUR GO FÂŁ&% YOURSELVES but hey i now have a new job but i still can,t pay the f,n bills

  11. F**k you krudd!
    Im not eligable :(

  12. ******** ******** ********!!!

  13. So i just found out im not eligable beacuse i didint earn over 11.500 which i think is ******* ********! Stuff you Krudd :( I hope you read this! hahahaha

  14. i hated u rudd u give all the peoples that earn heaps of money the package and dont give to the people who earn under!!!!what a joke u are……it should be the other way around!!!!!!

  15. Oh admin I had my baby on Thursday the 14th :D…same day i was stimulated…ahhhhh 😀

  16. Totally agree hela :)

    Stuff you ruddy

  17. Mystery Person , congrats!!!;-)

  18. Wow. You are a M.O.R.O.N. and a D.I.C.K.H.E.A.D.

    Thanks admin.. a great site and able to be enjoyed in the spirit in which you made it……and as an added bonus should us just how many idiotic feral bogans there are out in suburbia…..scary.

    Cheers and thanks…..for the record..I didn’t get stimulated but my wife did!

  19. u know what mr rudd is he is the stupiest f….. up thing walking on this planet.

  20. $900 paid today!! about time!! woot!! postcode : 2137

  21. It’s like it didn’t happen now isn’t it folks. No one will probably even read this.
    I suppose we are close cousins to the Brits. It sure shows on this forum. Perhaps the phrase should be recoined to whingeing Aussies. Take a look a yourselves.
    Stimulated and signing out.

  22. Sigh…is it all over? If so, I was not stimulated.

  23. Thanks Goofy 😀

  24. @ Shamon.

    **** you wanker, go shove your $900 up your *** you pompous candy. Easy for you to call the people that missed out whingers.

  25. Hey Pissed off.
    Well I’m out of retirement just to laugh at you and rub it in. I can’t even remember what I spent my 900 on. Perhaps if you worked a little bit harder and paid more tax you might have been afforded your own money back. (Yes and study at the same time…welcome to life).

  26. P.S Pissed off…do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

  27. What is interesting to note is that all the lowly intellect types, with little education- the ones that scream and swear about how terrible krudd is etc etc- all this over $900. That’s why he is the Prime Minister and they are not- because they have difficulty stringing together an intelligent conversation- low down the food chain types

  28. @ Shamon;

    No, but I kiss your wife with it.

  29. @ Wellwell,

    douche bag, if you are on the doll that qualifies you for a payout, if you are middle class and earn slightly over you don’t get anything. If you are getting Aus Study, you get a handout, on top of the handouts you already get.

    So you are an idiot.

  30. To:Pissed off

    You just reiterated my point. Those eligible ARE on the dole. Those on the dole, that scream and swear because swearwords are the way they communicate their lifes frustrations.

    pissed off, which one do you collect, the dole or the austudy or BOTH?

    Its the ones that have difficulty stringing together a sentence, without calling people morons, or douchebags or idiots that have congregated here, screaming blue murder for what they are “owed”. How the heck do these people survive!

  31. If you didn’t get the 900 before the 1at of july then you missed out because you left it too late.

    Also you can’t get it if your on the dole as you didn’t earn any money to get any tax money back, you had to of gotten $1 back on the tax return from last year to get it also.

    The Austudy thing was a bit different as you got $900 then $950 of going to uni or what ever.

    The biggest ripoff is the Green taking off with $50 from the $950 for bloody trees, and then have everyone pay that back bit of BS that.

  32. pissed off
    I’ve never known anyone to be on the “doll”, perhaps your referring the the dole? I must say it amuses me that you managed to spell douche correctly – food for thought.
    Moreover, my husband would be interested to learn of this phantom wife you speak of.

  33. That’s because pissed off would like to be on the ‘doll’ but because he’s on the ‘dole’ the doll’s have no interest in him.

  34. Laughing out loud wellwell!

  35. Thanks to the stimulus package, I still have a job. My sincere thanks to Kevin.

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