How/when do I get my $900?

Update: The Payments start on the 6th April and will take up to 6 weeks to be completed! ATO LINK

The stimulus payments are being sent out at the beginning of April. People who have already had their tax returns assessed will be the first to receive their payment. The fastest way to receive payment is directly into your bank account (ATO SOURCE).Apparently the first will arrive around the 6th of April! At first I thought that the payments would be sent out via cheque, but according to the ATO they will be sent out the same way that you received your tax return last year!

According to the ATO you are eligible if

  • you have lodged or will lodge your 2007-08 income tax return before 30 June 2009 or if you have been granted a deferred date by the Tax Office before Wednesday 18 February 2009 and you lodge your return by the deferred date
  • your 2007-08 taxable income does not exceed $100,000
  • your adjusted tax liability for 2007-08 is greater than nil, and
  • you are an Australian resident for tax purposes for the 2007-08 financial year.

ATO Source

How much will you get

  • $900 bonus will be paid if you have a taxable income up to and including $80,000
  • $600 bonus will be paid if you have a taxable income exceeding $80,000 but not exceeding $90,000
  • $250 bonus will be paid if you have a taxable income exceeding $90,000 but not exceeding $100,000

ATO Source

How is it distributed??
All cheque and EFT payments will be made using a post code selection process that is randomly generated, ensuring all post codes are evenly distributed to each state and territory each night (using the Australia Post predetermined percentage spread). For this reason and because of security concerns, we are not planning to publish a distribution schedule.

ATO Source



  1. if you earnt under 11 thousand then your not eligable.. im in 5253 still nothing

  2. lol its if you earnt over 80,000 ya dont get nothing not if u earnt under 11 thousand geez ppl piss me off read the home page it tells you if ya ganna get ya money or not or even better just ring up

  3. 6066 has been stimulated


  5. what a welcome surprise after work … got my stimulant via eft at last 6101 on the list.

  6. waiting for stimulus 900
    Warwick qld 4370
    no one in Warwick that i know has it yet
    Me and the people i work with are starting to get worried
    we feel forgotten we know that toowooba has got theres
    and areas in the toowoomba shire
    i think they are being distributed by shires

  7. Hi, i still have recieved my payment…starting to worry

    any1 know if postcode 2216, nsw, sydney, brighton le sands

    has recieved theirs?


  8. well every one i no has got there money and i haven got mine yet it would be nice to know when i going to get grrrrrrr hurry upp

  9. Ben….I know the feeling, My parents, My brothers, My in-laws AND their partners ALL have it…Bar me and my partner :(

  10. If you want to know your eligibilty for sure go to:

    Having said that I live in 4301, my husband got his last week into the bank letter arrived a few days later. Me…nothing. We have the same last name and live at the same address so how is it this is going my postcode?!?! I am in the forgottem mass. If I fot the $950 for my daughter who is in school do I not get this…does anyone really know what the hell is going on!!!

    Impatient and frustrated

  11. hello sarah, if you paid tax last year and did not get it all back when you did your tax. then you will get your 900 from k rudd, if you got back all your tax, then you will not get it and if you didnt work and pay tax, then you will not get it. hope this helps.

  12. I did not get all my tax back, done the test on the link and showing that i am elligbile. What I can’t understand is how my husband had got his and I haven’t got mine. My family in 4311 at same address got theirs all on the same day.

  13. got to peeeve a persdon off hey sarah. my neighbours husband got his and she hasnt got hers yet. he got his about 10 days ago, well dont worry they only have another week to have it all finished so you will get within 7 days now. cheers kim

  14. i bloody hope so, My brother is getting married in Cairns on the 16th and without my stimulus I will be spending 5 days in my hotel room eating the complementary crackers. Have a great weekend guys!!!

  15. a lot of Warwick people have got there’s 4370 Qld
    nothing for me yet, like everyone i wonder if its coming or \
    not. but Ive met just as many who say they haven’t been paid yet
    i think im last on the list
    single people always come last

  16. got my stimulus on wensday and got offered a new job 3 hours later was a good stimulus for me.

    start work next week so im cheering….

    had a couple of months of unemployment due to losing my job so couldnt have come at a better time as who knows how i was going to pay the next lot of bills besides rudds handout.

    least now ican stimulate the economy and pay my bills

  17. Still no stimulus money for me yet. Nearly everyone in my town has it but I don’t and I think I know of maybe 2 others who haven’t. I so have no idea how they are figuring this. My partner got his weeks ago.

  18. Havent recieved Anything I BET i AM THE VERY LAST!!

  19. Well, im gettin quite sick of waitin to see if im eligible for this damn payment, i paid tax and got most back….. I think people who are receiving now should shut up and be thankful for getting it. I haven’t received one cent yet and i probably wont get it, i check almost everyday too see if i receive it through the mail….. Im in the Atherton Tablelands 4887…

    All the backpacker and Aboriginals received the payments first and 90% of em dont even work. What’s wrong with ya Kev…. Pay the people who actually work first, not the stolen generation!!!!!!

  20. everyone in Warwick has got the $900 except me, Ive got the same post code as a Warwick but im 30 klics away 4730 Patten qld
    i don’t know anybody in this town that’s been paid yet but i don’t know people here that well. hoping for Monday morning don’t think they pay on weekends.
    spending mine on a treadmill

  21. Well, I havent got my stimulation either,but my postcode is on the paid list.
    I am just one of those, well, who cares about me, I served the community most of my life,was abandoned by my parents,my ex- husband deceived me and I have holes in my underclothes and the sole fell off my shoe yesterday when I was out buying food!!!
    Nothing left over for anything else.Where is my money Rudd?
    You dont know how we srtuggle out here.
    I need food in my freezer, shoes on my feet and a little cheering up!
    Everything goes up,up,up,up!!!!
    But my wages don’t !!!!!!!

    You need to research good people like me that never get a mention on media or in the budget.
    I am sick in my stomach waiting.This is wrong to feel this way.
    At least explain why the eligibles don’t have thier’s yet ,as a common courtesy and stop toying with peoples feelings

  22. # Stevie-Lea what wrong are you ***

  23. no money yet
    i dont really need the $900 but it would be nice
    im not rich at all but i live a happy life
    most people at my work have been paid

  24. Anyone that’s meant to get it should get it.

    Need to ring up ATO, Banks, Tax Agents to get it back.

    Even if a Tax Agent has been sent it and they cash the money they should send it to out and you can still get it back, but it’s a long process.

    The reason why is that if your meant to get it you should try and get it as you’ll be paying that money back anyway, I’d feel ripped off if I knew I was meant to get $900 from the giv and then told oh and BTW we’ll just take that $900 chuck back out of your tax return this year even if you never got it.

  25. still nothing this is bull****. Does anyone actually know what is going on. Can we even call the ATO before the 16th or will they just fog us off. I have two days of hoping for the postal fairy. My father has paid for my flights to Cairns for my brothers wedding on Saturday ( we fly out Wednesday) and my money is to pay for the hotel….oh this sucks. My husband got his weeks ago, what is this postcode crap about….aaargh!!!

  26. Okay. I just called this number 1300 686 636 if you ignore all the ‘where not taking calls till after the 16th May’ and go through to the operator they will tell you definately if you are elligible and if your payment has been sent out when it was sent out. They just did it for me. Give it a go!!!

  27. Nowhere on the ATO site does it say anything about not getting the $900 if all the tax was refunded. That’s the only reason I submitted my tax-return. The eligibility is worded in such a way that people like myself are eligible

  28. call that 1300 686 636 with your tax file number and they will tell you if you are getting it….for sure

  29. Actually, just realised I’m wrong

  30. is it good news

  31. Just called the call center – 1300 686 636.

    Was told I am not receiving the stimulus package because I did not pay tax. My income at the time (07/08) was around $8000 and my tax refund was only $82. You need to have paid tax or have earnt above approx $11,000 to be eligible.


  32. I called the hotline and they told me they sent it to the wrong address (despite the fact that I called to change it a month ago)… they said that they are now re-issuing the cheque and it should be in my hands in 4 – 14 business days. No word on why my wife’s cheque has apparently been sent to our accountant. Something tells me the ATO weren’t equipped to run a bonus like this…

  33. Ya mum’s not equipped…

  34. *** the ato .. didnt get the bonus under by -50 *****…………………

  35. I got mine today!!!!!! Beer o’clock

  36. havent got it yet im going to ring them today, everyone i know has there money
    i got the feeling that they put it in a old commonwealth bank account
    that im disputing
    now the cba might have my money and they wont give it back easy.
    if ato has stuff it up im hoping they can fix it.
    wont know till today
    good luck everyone

  37. me and my boyfriend still havent received our money do i find out when ill be getting it.

  38. I am still waiting. Rang the hotline number 1 week ago and was told that my cheque is there waiting to be deposited. They must be waiting to put mine in last…..I need it now!!!

  39. Haven’t got mine yet either. I’m always last for these things :(

  40. Ok, heres some light on the situation, I havent recieved payment yet, so I did some investigqating and realised, even though my refund was an eft… has been sent to my tax accountant in the form of a cheque, which has not been given to me.. slac kers!! So if you want, you can call the tax ofice and update your details, and cancel the cheque sent to your accountant, which as I am overseas works good for me.. (fosters beer is better here too ) and you should be happier to the sum of $900… i wonder how many tax consultants are holding back our money…. hope this helps..

  41. post code 6081 still waiting?

  42. Tuesday afternoon 3.30 i just rang the ato ignored the‘where not taking calls till after the 16th May’
    she told me im eligible and the money was sent yesterday by cheque and will be delivered by Friday
    even though i did my own tax and it was deposited in to my bank by ato
    she didnt say why ,when i questioned her
    im just glad to hear its coming in the mail
    my bank will cash it straight away
    good luck and ring the ******** dont worry about the crap automation i only had to wait 2min on the phone
    bying tredmill as soon as i can
    thankyou those people who told to ring
    have tax file number with you and youll be right
    see yas

  43. Is there any credibility, to the claim that eligibility for the $900 was set at the minimum wage of $11 000 PA?

    Haven’t been paid.

  44. Is a Refund Notice the same as a Notice of Assessment? Because I got a refund notice..

  45. got mine and got my tredmill
    very happy

  46. this is so crap- how come i dont get the money because i didnt earn enough!!! its not my fault i had uni and a crapy job that didnt pay well, just coz i got alll my tax back, and i didnt even make any claims its coz i get paid so low, now i dont get any money.

    this seriously doesnt make sense

  47. Damn, it’s 15th of May and i still haven’t got my tax bonus!!! is the postcode referring to where you APPLIED your tax file number, or where you you NOW STAYING? I claimed my tax back in July last year. omg this is so frustrating, my bf didn’t even claim his tax back and he got his payment already, lucky centrelink bummmm

  48. what if i changed address since i did my tax retun

  49. Ok, I originally thought I would get the student one, but since my family aren’t tax evaders and are honest they go over the threshold for Aus Study, so I couldn’t get a centrelink payment (we were over by like $1000 or something ridiculous), which is why I don’t get the full-time student payment, even though I am a full-time student and part time worker. And since I only work part-time I apparently don’t qualify (I have heard people talking about hours and amounts $$) for the tax bonus. So because I am middle class and am not a doll bludger, I don’t get anything. ********.

  50. Rung the tax office just then and they reckon since they take B from G and get $0 i dont qualify or some ********.

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