Who will suffer most from the Australian carbon tax?


Julia Gillard and the Australian government claim to have thought about EVERYONE when devising the Australian Carbon, but have they? No they have not!

For example take Rod, also known as inanimate carbon Rod to his friends, will he be compensated?! Will he have money returned back to him by the government? He is being taxed for being himself, being inherently Australian!

Not only will he be taxed financially, he will be taxed emotionally as well. What is the Australian Government going to do when there are pickets outside his house with people complaining about how he’s caused their grocery bills to skyrocket!?

I remember a time when people would applaud the shameless actions of inanimate carbon Rods all over the world!

Shame on you for not thinking about Rod.

Australian carbon taxAustralian carbon tax


  1. This is brilliant!

  2. So happy blowmy900 is back.

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